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This Site is Copyrighted, Please Do Not Infringe it!

Some Explanation About the Copyright Expectations of

Respect the copyrights of read this page completely it is not here to frighten you, just to make it clear that if you are planning to infringe any aspect of this site then the matter will be pursued further. There are things we allow, things we do not allow and ways we may be able to help if you are creating your own site.

Our photographers and researchers have put in a lot of time and effort into creating the content for this site so that people looking for the Sunrise Apartment in Guardamar will have a unique and enjoyable experience when using it. Because of this we want it to remain unique therefore the copying of text verbatim and the use of copyrighted photos (in part or whole) is strictly prohibited.

We do not mind you using our site as part of your own research about holidays in Guardamar de Segura and the surrounding area of the Costa Blanca but you may not plagiarise the text or photographs in any way, it is essential that you use your own ideas to create the content about Guardamar, Spain or the Costa Blanca and only use the facts you discover to create your own text in your own words.

We appreciate that sometimes very small phrases or sections of text may be inadvertently duplicated due to your note making whilst doing your research, but when whole paragraphs or pages are duplicated it is both unacceptable, illegal and furthermore it is plainly just bad practice.

The other main area that causes concern is that of the photography. We have placed a small copyright message (our web address) in the centre of all photographs taken by our photographers with the exception of two areas. These two areas are still protected by international copyright law, they are photos of the apartment and the views from it plus the images used in our rotating Banner. All of these photographs and sections of them may not to be reproduced without written permission from us.

If you are creating your own website for your apartment or the area of the Costa Blanca in Spain that includes Guardamar del Segura and would like photographs of Guardamar then please contact us; we may well be able to sell you appropriate photographs with the rights to use them for your website, they will not expensive and will keep your site within the law, so please ask.

Photographs on this site without the copyright message have come from photo stock libraries, mainly Big Stock Photo and 123RF. Others have been acknowledged or are believed to be in the public domain.

A Note About Copyscape & The Web Archive

At the base of each page of our website you will see a small image indicating that our page is protected by CopyScape. CopyScape is an organisation that keeps track of our pages and will locate websites who have used our text. Upon being informed of a copyright infringement by Copyscape we will pursue further action.

Initially our first step will be to approach you and politely ask you to change the text or remove the web page that is infringing our copyrights; in the event that you ignore this or refuse to comply with our request to remove or change your web page content within the given time period we will be forced to approach your Web Host. They can in part be held accountable and so it is very likely that they may take your site offline until you comply with the request and the issue is resolved.

Should all this fail then our final course of action will be to pursue it through the legal system. This is not good for any of us so please, to avoid any unpleasantness, we would strongly advise that you do not plagiarise our site or copy our photographs. The internet is a wonderful place where the abundance of individual and unique websites offering interesting content to their visitors make it a useful place to find information, apartment holidays in spain, cheap flights and much more.

Should the authorities require further irrefutable proof that a web page or site has been plagiarised it is easy to trace the page by using the Web Archive. The Web archive has been archiving websites since 1996 and offers all the proof that is needed that a web page or pages have been plagiarised.

By way of a short reminder we would ask, please do not copy any text or images from our site. Remember we can provide your with photographs of Guardamar or the surrounding area at a small cost although we would suggest that taking them on your own camera when you visit Guardamar del Segura as it will make your site more interesting.

What You Are Not Allowed to Do

  • You are not allowed to copy any of the text on this site Verbatim.
  • You are not allowed to copy any of the photographs (or sections of them) on this site that are marked with a copyright.
  • Other photos not marked may be purchased from either Big Stock Photo, 123RF or other royalty free photo image libraries. These are protected by their own copyright so I would suggest you check as these should not be used either unless you buy them.

What You Are Allowed to Do?

  • You are permitted to use this site along with other information that you find on the internet and in books as part of your research, but all text that appears on your website should be individually created in your own words and it is important that our website is not your only source of information for the text that you are writing.
  • You are allowed to put a link to pages on this site if you want to, if you need help with this please contact us.

Why You Should Create Your Own Site In Your Own Words

There are of course many reasons you should create your site about your villa or apartment in Guardamar yourself without infringing copyrights; these include enhanced enjoyment for the visitors to your site, plain old fashioned ethics and the knowledge that search engines (including Google) will penalise you for duplicating content.

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As part of our own research for the fiestas and festivals held in Guardamar del Segura we used the tourist information brochures from the tourist office in Guardamar, some of the photos we have used to encourage people to visit Guardamar and see the festivals or partake in the fiestas originate from the same place.