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The Beaches At Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar's beaches probably rank amongst the best beaches that you will find anywhere in Spain and make Guardamar one of the jewels in the Costa Blanca crown. In total Guardamar has 8 beaches, extending from A naturist beach called Los Tusales in the north to Les Ortigues in the south, a total distance of around 14km. In between these there are six more Guardamar beaches which include Los Viveros (our beach), De la BabilÚnia (the beach in front of the Guardamar beach houses), Playa Centro (the main beach), La Roqueta (southern edge of Guardamar),  El Moncayo and Playa del Campo.

All of these beaches have beautiful sand, are long, and most are lined with sand dunes many of which have been replanted in the restoration project of Las Dunas de Guardamar.

The beaches at Guardamar del Segura are popular with both tourists and locals alike but overcrowding is not really an issue, especially when you compare them to other parts of the Costa Blanca. All of the beaches in Guardamar are pretty wide and many are reasonably quiet which leaves plenty of room for sunbathing and enjoying the surroundings. Due to the climate here Guardamar del Segura attracts visitors to these wonderful beaches all year round.

Not all of the beaches have sunbeds, so if you are looking for one with sunbeds and parasols you will have to head for the beach at El Centro or El Campo. However when you rent out the Sunrise Apartment in Guardamar you will find that we have four folding beach chairs and a parasol for you to take to any of the beaches.

If you would like to see what is happening at Guardamar's main beach, El Centro, Click Here and take a look at the live webcam.

Los Tusales Beach (Guardamar's Naturist Beach)

Los Tusales nudist beach at Guardamar del SeguraThere are not many nudist beaches in this area but Los Tusales is the official one at Guardamar, it is approximately 1,550 metres long and 50 metres wide sits on the northern side of the river Segura close to the Spanish town of La Marina.

If you want to visit Los Tusales you will need to take a right turn (if coming from Guardamar) off the N-332 towards the campsite which is just before the adult night club "Nancy's".

You can actually see the beach from the mouth of the Segura at Guardamar Marina, but the only way to get to it from there would be by boat. If you prefer a walk then park up in La Marina and walk along the beach in the direction of Guardamar, when you can go no further you are there (as I am sure by now you will be aware).

The leafy vegetation in the area and natural sand dunes plus the fact that it is not an urbanised area make it the perfect choice for the Guardamar naturist beach.

Los Viveros Beach (Our Beach)

One Of The Finest Beaches On The Costa Blanca. Los Viveros Beach.The beach of Los Viveros is the beach we consider to be our beach, and is my personal favourite. It is a beautiful beach which is a little more quiet than those in the centre of town and is reached by following the road between the pine forest near to our apartment. It is a beautiful walk and takes around 15 minutes from our apartment in Guardamar.

The road is for use by pedestrians and cyclists only which makes it safer if you are walking with children. Keeping the traffic away is all part of the project to regenerate the dunes which is going on in Guardamar. Much money has been spent by the town in the protection of the dunes and the provision of wooden walkways that make the beach more accessible to all.

It is a natural beach that is around 30 metres wide and spans approximately 2,450 metres, at the northern end of which is the river Segura and the southern end the BabilÚnia beach. Set in front of the Guardamar natural park and las dunas de Guardamar it is a wonderful place to while away the day.

The archaeological sites of RŠbita Califal and La Fonteta plus an abundance of wildlife, plants and trees are in the dunes a short distance behind the beach. When you come here you will see why Los Viveros beach is one of three blue flag beaches situated alongside Guardamar del Segura.

De la BabilÚnia Beach (the Guardamar Beach Houses)

De la BabilÚnia Beach, Guardamar del SeguraIn between Los Viveros beach and El Centro in Guardamar is de la BabilÚnia beach. Guardamar is well known for this beach because of the famous Casas de la BabilÚnia, these are small beach houses that overlook the beach and sea, many of them are adorned with beautiful tiles from Manises. The houses are quite a feature of Guardamar but have recently been exposed to some coastal erosion causing some to collapse into the sea.

BabilÚnia beach is approximately 1,074 metres in length and 20 metres in width although this is sometimes less. It shares the same fine sand that stretches along this area of the Costa Blanca and has ample parking. In the vicinity are restaurants and bars as it is the start of the promenade

Playa Centro (the Main Beach in Guardamar)

Playa Centro at Guardamar del SeguraOut of Guardamar's amazing selection of eight fabulous beaches, Playa Centro is the most popular that is because it is the closest beach to Guardamar town centre and is right on the promenade. The beach is 500 metres long and around 30 metres wide. As with many of Guardamar's beaches, there is a lifeguard patrolling it in the peak of summer.

Play Centro is adjoined to De La BabilÚnia at the north of the beach and La Roqueta to the south its beautiful golden sands and clear waters attract locals and tourists alike; there are parasols and loungers for rent all year round.

Playa Centro is accessible to people with reduced mobility and is close to the two of Guardamar's parks,"Parque Reina Sofia" which has springs, lakes and trees; and "Parque Alfonso XIII". This area is particularly busy at dusk when in summer the impressive night market starts.

Playa Centro is the closest beach to all the bars, restaurants and shops in the Guardamar town centre and it also has a sporting area for volleyball etc. and a children's playground both right there on the beach. In addition, every day you will see some amazing sand sculptures that you may want to take photographs of made by some very talented locals. These sculptures look fantastic by candlelight when you stroll down the promenade on a warm summer's evening.

La Roqueta Beach (the Southernmost of Guardamar's Beaches)

La Roqueta Beach at Guardamar del SeguraThe La Roqueta beach borders with El Centro in the north and benefits from all the facilities of the main beach at Guardamar. If you are feeling extremely active you could walk (or run) the length of all of the Guardamar beaches for some exercise without noticing the change thanks to the fabulous, stoneless sand that runs in parallel to Guardamar.

La Roqueta beach is around 30 metres wide and 1,180 metres but is slightly further from the town centre than El Centro beach; however, bars, restaurants and shops are still within walking distance. This beach is at the southernmost end of Guardamar which is part of a semi-urban area. The beach which borders it to the south is El Moncayo beach.

El Moncayo Beach (Joins Guardamar To Campomar)

El Moncayo beach at Guardamar del SeguraEl Moncayo beach is a beautiful stretch of beach around 1500 metres long it connects the southernmost end of Guardamar to the urbanisation and hotel at Campomar. El Moncayo is a wide open beach with soft golden sand that borders a chain of dunes and some private land.

The chain of dunes is protected and forms part of the Las Dunas de Guardamar regeneration project to replant the dunes with various species of plant and trees.

El Moncayo beach has ample free parking close to the beach for off peak times, but in the peak of summer you would need to get to the beach reasonably early in order to secure a parking space for the day.

Thanks to the parking and the fact that the beach is on the same level as the road there is easy access on to it. In addition but no less important is the fact that there is a toilet and a bus stop.

Playa del Campo (Campomar Beach)

Playa Del Campo at Guardamar del SeguraPlaya del Campo is the beach that sits in front of the urbanisation of Campomar and Campomar hotel, it is a very beautiful beach which leads slowly at a shallow depth into the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. It stretches for over 2 kilometres and is an average of 60 metres wide. it is joined on the northern side to El Moncayo beach in Guardamar and on the southern side by Les Ortigues.

It is a very relaxing location thanks to the important dunes that line the area and are covered by Mediterranean vegetation and a splash of pinewoods. Despite its reasonably quiet location, in the peak of summer it is quite a busy beach in the area directly surrounding its small snack bar.

The beauty of this beach is that thanks to the protected dunes further construction is prohibited therefore maintaining the beauty of the area and keeping it as a peaceful and beautiful beach to visit for a day out.

Les Ortigues Beach (the Southernmost of the Guardamar Beaches)

Les Ortigues beach at Guardamar del SeguraLes Ortigues beach is Located on the border with Torrelamata and is the southernmost beach of Guardamar. The beach is a virgin beach with that same golden sand that you can expect from all of Guardamar's beaches. It is lined by sand dunes and has enjoys a clear and deeply blue Mediterranean sea.

Les Ortigues beach is nearly 1.5 kilometres long and has an average depth of 60 metres making it the perfect location for sunbathers who like their own space (a bit like our beach at Los Viveros). Because of it's location the beach offers limited facilities but it is the ideal place to while away some sunlight hours if you enjoy a more isolated location and like to explore all of the beaches of the region.

This region of the Costa Blanca has an endless supply of some beautiful beaches and the quality and colour of the sand is why it is called "The White Coast". The beaches at Guardamar are about the best you will find on the Costa Blanca thanks to the amazing backdrop of las Dunas de Guardamar and the Guardamar natural park plus the host of facilities on offer in the town.

Guardamar really is a jewel in the Costa Blanca crown. If you like days of endless sunshine and relaxation, top quality cuisine and a taste of the true Spanish culture oh plus (in case I forgot to mention it) the best Spanish beaches around then Guardamar del Segura is likely to be the place for you, and the Sunrise Apartment in Guardamar could be just the location that you are looking for.