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Climate and Weather in Guardamar del Segura on the Costa Blanca

One of the many beautiful beaches in GuardamarGuardamar del Segura on the beautiful Spanish Costa Blanca encourages tourists from all over the world to visit regularly thanks to it's beautiful beaches, friendly people, wonderful food and more importantly for many is the fabulous weather.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a winter break in Guardamar or your main summer holiday, the mild climate and superb weather make Guardamar an ideal destination whatever time of the year you visit.

In part you can thank the surrounding area for the weather in Guardamar because the town of Guardamar del Segura itself and it's surrounding area is sheltered by hills and mountains.

In addition to this the two major salt lakes of Laguna de la Mata and the Salinas de San Miguel, which surround it, create a wonderful micro climate which is enjoyed by all and the reason why many tourists come back to Guardamar year after year for their holidays in Spain.

Thanks to the micro climate in this region of the Costa Blanca rainfall is extremely limited and as a result of this it means that sunshine can be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike for in excess of 320 days per year. In addition to this the picturesque, and often pink lagoons are also home to hundreds of wild pink flamingos. These are just some of the reasons that people come to the Costa Blanca for a holiday in Guardamar.

It is unusual for the temperature in Guardamar del Segura to fall below 30C (86F) in the summer months and even the winters are usually very mild with average temperatures of 18C (64F)

Guardamar del Segura the Healthiest Place To Go For Your Holiday in Spain

One of the salt lakes in the region of Guardamar del SeguraThanks to the number of salt lakes in this region of the Costa Blanca Guardamar is one of the healthiest places to go for your holidays in Spain.

The reason for this is that the salt lakes surrounding Guardamar del Segura have a major effect on the humidity levels this results in the air here being much dryer than in other parts of the world.

The low humidity levels coupled with a mild climate have resulted in the WHO (World Health Organisation) declaring that this part of Spain and the Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest climates on the planet. This all makes the area especially beneficial for those with rheumatism, asthma or skin problems.

The area is abundant with a wonderful variety of fresh fruit and vegetables; you can stop and pick a fresh orange or lemon and enjoy the fabulous bounty that nature has gifted to this part of Spain.

Weather and Climate Chart For Guardamar del Segura and the Costa Blanca

Guardamar del Segura Weather & Climate
Check Out The Guardamar Webcam Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec CLICK THE SUN See The Current Weather For Guardamar del Segura
Average Temperature (C) 16 17 22 22 26 29 30 32 30 25 22 17
Hours Of Sunshine 6 7 7 9 10 11 12 11 9 7 6 6
Average Sea Temperature (C) 14 15 15 19 20 21 24 25 24 21 18 15