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Information About Villajoyosa & the History of Villajoyosa in a Nutshell

The hanging houses at VillajoyosaVillajoyosa is situated at the mouth of the River Sella on the coast just north of Alicante on the Costa Blanca, it is a wonderful town with deep rooted history and beautiful views. The name Villajoyosa means "joyful or happy town" which is not hard to understand why when you discover the chocolate produced here.

Although close to each other Villajoyosa has a history which stretches back much further than Benidorm and apparently the locals think that "it is close enough to Benidorm whilst being far enough away"!

In the area surrounding Villajoyosa you can find olive, carob and almond trees, pines, prickly pears and palms. The area used to have a considerable number of vines for producing wine but these days they have largely been replaced Tomato plantations.

Like many of the towns on the east coast Villajoyosa was subjected to attacks by the Barbary Coast Pirates.

Legend will tell you that on the 29th of July 1538 36 boats carrying Algerians arrived to ransack the town but thanks to the intercession of Saint Martha the inhabitants were able to fight the pirates off. Since then she has been the Patron Saint of Villajoyosa a fact which is commemorated with the regular re-enactment of the landing of the Moors.

Tourism does play a huge part in Villajoyosa but it is not the only source of income for Villajoyosa as it is the home of both chocolate-makers and fishermen, they may not seem like bed partners but they are both deeply rooted in the town's history.

The older, original part of Villajoyosa has been declared an historic monument and still has a number of bridges which remain from the Roman times. The Gothic church of Villajoyosa has renaissance doorways, although these have been changed considerably by the Neo-classical alterations carried out in the 18th century.

If the history of Villajoyosa doesn't interest you that much then pay a visit to the chocolate making factories, and if that doesn't interest you then the white sand beaches that are typical to the Costa Blanca are sure to appeal to you.

Every day at around 17:00 Villajoyosa has a lively fish market which is definitely worth a visit especially during the summer. In addition to the sometimes crowded fish market, the old town centre of Villajoyosa along with its bar and restaurant lined promenade invite visitors to relax and enjoy a coffee, glass of wine or maybe a meal.

Villajoyosa is a bit further journey from the Sunrise Apartment in Guardamar but it can be reached via public transport by getting the bus to Alicante and then the coastal tram from Alicante to Villajoyosa. Obviously if you hire a car then it is easily accessible.